Consisting of 3 main elements, the Flykick Formula - our unique Signature workout - has been designed to maximise results,
focusing on mind, body and kickboxing. You leave feeling amazing, both physically and mentally.




Our Strength class is a full-body, dynamic workout designed to get you stronger both mentally and physically. Build strength, agility and power in a session split between the rounds on the bag & lifting weights on the bench. Leave the studio feeling FLY!

Whether our Lift section will be your first time using weights, or you’re a seasoned pro our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Moving over to the bag, you will continue to develop your kickboxing technique and skills to master that roundhouse kick. Take you FLYKICK experience to the next level; tone your body, free your mind and have fun!



Consisting of 3 main elements, our unique Signature workout, has been designed to maximise results,
focusing on mind, body and kickboxing. Combining HIIT body weight exercises, stretching and kickboxing combinations.

FLYKICK - Burn - best boxing in london.jpg


A high intensity full-body blast. A mixture of body-weight exercises that work your lower body, upper body and core.

Each exercise is done to a timer, so whether you are just getting back into fitness or a full-time fanatic you get the most out of each interval. The content and structure of this section changes everyday so you will never get bored! Kick start your body, tone your muscles and burn calories fast.

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We take the tempo down a few notches, recover and stretch out your muscles. Slow down, breath and enhance your mobility.

Our stretch focusses on your back and hip-flexors, preparing our bodies for the punches and kicks later on. Also helping restore our bodies from the pushes, pulls and strains of life. Our stretch stays the same, so you can see progress week on week and feel the improvement in your flexibility.

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Now the gloves are on… 8 unique fun and fast-paced bag rounds. Punch and kick your way to feeling on top of the world!

Every round builds on the one before, combining punches and kicks to not only work your body but focus the mind too. Enjoy the release of tension from your day, whilst improving your technique every class with coaching and specific feedback from our instructors.