Consisting of 6 elements, the Flykick Formula - our unique workout - has been designed to maximise results,
focusing on mind, body and kickboxing. You leave feeling amazing, both physically and mentally. 


FLYKICK - Prepare - best boxing in london.jpg


Let’s get off to a flying start! Our warm-up will prepare you for what’s to come, with a flurry of quick fire exercises. 

FLYKICK - Burn - best boxing in london.jpg


Next up, a high intensity full-body blast. This phase kick starts your body, tones your muscles and burns calories.

FLYKICK - Flex - best boxing in london.jpg


We slow the tempo and take time to stretch out your muscles. Slow down, breath and enhance your mobility.

FLYKICK - Kickbox - best boxing in london.jpg


Now the gloves are on… It’s time to work your bag and your body. Each round is unique, fun and fast-paced. Punch and kick your way to feeling powerful!

FLYKICK - Core - best boxing in london.jpg


Time to pair up. We all know that killer abs don’t come without hard work, but a job shared is a job halved. This is all about teamwork and having fun.

FLYKICK - Release - best boxing in london.jpg


Before rejoining the outside world, we take a few moments to help you cool down and relax. Leave the studio feeling revitalised and on top of the world.