What does Flykick keep and why?

When you create a Flykick profile, we store your; name and contact details, date of birth, completed Health and Safety Liability Waiver, and emergency contact details. If you choose to do so you can save your preferred credit or debit card details alongside your profile (these are third party protected).

How does Flykick use your Information?

Flykick will use the personal information you provide in connection with your registration, your purchase of classes, packages and merchandise, and your attendance at classes. We will contact you as part of processes including series purchase, series expiry, bookings and reminders; these are not marketing communications and are treated separately. As part of our customer communications we inform you about our kickboxing inspired group fitness workouts and our associated products via email.

Do we share information with third parties?

Not unless we have to. Flykick will only give your information to a third party where the law requires us to do so.

How do you request, amend, delete your Personal Information?

By simply logging into your account you will be able to amend the information stored on your profile, this will directly reflect the information we have access to. If you would like to receive this information in another format, please request this through our contact form. You may stop receiving information from Flykick at any time, by contacting us to request this to cease. All of our marketing and communication emails include an unsubscribe option if you wish to be removed from our mailing lists at any time. If you wish Flykick to erase all of your data permanently, this can be done by simply contacting our management team via email.

What about images and photography?

Photographs, video recordings and images may be taken in the studio before, during and after a class takes place; and we often use these in our newsletters or on our social media. If you don't want to be included, just let a member of the team know. We don't offer any rewards or payment for appearances.

How do we keep your data secure?

We take care to follow the correct procedures and have the appropriate tecnical security in place to protect your data from unauthorised use or distribution, accidental loss, destruction or damage.