Flykick is like a drug – it burns the next day, but it feels great when you’re doing it. The lights and studio put you in the zone, the music gets your adrenaline pumping and our fitness formula leaves you feeling fly. Flykick has been built upon our collective goals and values. Our team, our instructors and our customers believe a positive attitude, progress and these three core principles;



Flykick aims to be the best part of your day! We don’t want you to leave our class just feeling like you had a great workout, but genuinely feeling happy, motivated and on top of the world! 



Our studio and community is a non-judgemental space where every individual’s differences are celebrated. We are open and accessible to all, whatever your fitness level or ability



People can do amazing things when we work together and Flykick does exactly that. Whether it’s making it to that Monday morning class or changing the way we treat our planet.



We believe that the way we as the Flykick collective and as human beings should always be mindful of the environment that we are custodians of. Flykick has endeavoured to lower our carbon footprint and make our studios as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. Our planet is bombarded by our waste each day. Every day one million plastic water bottles are produced. By 2050, the will be more plastic in the ocean, by weight, than fish.