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Tony’s goal is to bring fun and energy to functional HIIT workouts, inspiring you to maximise results and strive for success. He focuses on strength, agility, cardio fitness and conditioning, each pieced together with a smile and a laugh to help you reach your potential.


Did you know?

  • During his very first driving test, Tony crashed the learner car.

  • He is completely addicted to liquorice.

  • He once broke his leg in a swimming pool...

  • After a workout, his go-to snack is (the very healthy) Haribo Strawbs.

  • When he's out of the gym, Tony is most likely to be found out and about with his daughter.

  • And if he had to pick one exercise, it would be squats.


"Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself." - Henry James




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