What should I know before class?


WHAT IS A CLASS LIKE? The Flykick Formula combines your favourite classes for an awesome workout, plain & simple. You can read up about our non-contact group exercise class here. But, basically, it’s a 50 minute fun & energizing workout, that anybody can do, in a lively music-driven & energy flooded room.

I’VE NEVER BOXED BEFORE, WILL I BE ABLE TO KEEP UP? Yes, without a doubt. Our workouts are beginner friendly and designed to allow everyone to have a great time & get fit. In your very first class, you’ll be guided through the kickboxing technique and exercises. The instructors in all of our classes will ensure you'll have all the support you need to have a fun time!

DO I REALLY NEED MY OWN WRAPS? Yes, wraps are mandatory in our classes. You can wear your own or pick up some from reception before your class for a small charge of £5.

WHAT SHOES SHOULD I WEAR? In Signature, none, you take Flykick classes barefoot, or if you don't feel comfortable then you can absolutely wear socks. In Strength, you will need trainers!

WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE? We recommend that first-timers arrive 20 minutes before class. There is a 7-minute pre-class induction that all first-timers must attend in order to join class. Missed it? We are more than happy to rebook you. Everyone should sign in no later than 5 minutes before a class begins; otherwise places will be released to walk-ins at the start of class.

HOW OLD DO YOU HAVE TO BE? To fly at Flykick, you’ll need to be 18 or older.

CAN I TAKE A CLASS IF I’M PREGNANT? We have had clients who train right up to their final weeks, but that’s really a question for your doctor.

Louisa Willoughby