The Studio, what's provided?


ARE THERE CHANGING ROOMS & LOCKERS? Flykick's changing rooms are spacious with complimentary lockers to store all of your possessions whilst you workout. Just set up your own locker code and go.

WHAT ABOUT SHOWERS AND TOWELS? We have everything you need to get back on the road after your class! Our showers, products and towels are free to use and ready to go as soon as you step out of the studio.

ARE THERE LAUNDRY FACILITIES? Once you’re done make sure your towels make it into the laundry baskets provided, and grab yourself a recycled plastic wet kit bag to get your gear home without any hassle.

DO I NEED TO BRING GLOVES? Our Flykick gloves aren’t just beautiful, they’re functional! Each first-timer gets a pair to keep and use again & again. No need to share stinky gloves! Wraps are available for £5 if you don't have your own, these protect your hands and wrists.

WHAT IF I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING? Let the team know if you have forgotten anything you need to get the most out of your workout and we can probably help out! Whether it’s a tee, towel or socks –just ask!

Louisa Willoughby