Kickboxing, what's the big deal?


WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF KICKBOXING? Kickboxing is more than a pure cardio event; it lets you release pent-up tension, improves your balance and strengthens your core. Thanks to the different muscle groups activated by your jabs and kicks, you’re also toning body parts that don’t usually get a workout when you run, walk or cycle. After multiple sessions, you will likely see improvements in muscle tone (without bulking), lower stress levels, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved coordination and self-confidence, core stability, bone, and ligament strength, lower body fat, and so much more. We also find it to be quite meditative.

WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE KICKBOXING? Because it’s fun and will deliver results. The back and forth between aerobic and anaerobic exercise means you’re training on an entirely new level. Even better, the boost in your metabolism ensure that you’ll be burning calories throughout class, and long after you leave. And, let’s not beat around the bush, it’s loads of fun to punch and kick!

Louisa Willoughby