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Nathan began martial arts because his dad said he had to start it if he wanted to go on a school sailing trip. 17 years later, he has managed to win national titles in boxing and martial arts, compete for Team GB in the Tang Soo Do World championships and also coached several champions too. Thanks dad :) His classes are great for those who like to work hard, improve their game and have fun at the same time. You’ll also be blessed with some of the best beats and tunes ever produced.

Did you know?

  • Nathan was in the same University sport scholarship group as the Brownlee brothers (Olympic gold and silver Triathletes).

  • He is a self confessed music snob, with “quite possibly the best taste in music from here to Hertfordshire”…

  • He dislocated his shoulder 5 times in one boxing match (and won).

  • Nathan recently left the corporate world where he worked as a Sales Director for a FTSE 100 company.

  • His ring and middle finger are the same size.


“Don’t fight life” - Reginald Sears



Soundtrack to Nathan’s life;