Instagram: @mirandapaine

Miranda is full to the brim with an electric energy that will have you leaving her classes with your mood sky high, ready to take on the world.

She believes that there are no shortcuts on the way to achieving your goals - you'll get out what you put in - so find something that you enjoy and give it your all. She's inspired by watching people get stronger and fitter and will do everything she can to help you soar.

Did you know?

  • A secret geek of all things ocean, Miranda has a Masters in Marine Biology and could talk to you about corals for hours on end.

  • She's a passionate scuba diver and when not at the studio you'll most likely find her mermaiding out in the deep blue.

  • Miranda loves food and has a nut butter addiction; she once at 54 chicken nuggets in 30 minutes and a kilo of peas in an hour - any challengers?

  • She can’t keep still for too long and outside of FLYKICK she loves lifting weights, playing netball and checking out new workouts.


"Great things never cAme from comfort zones"




Soundtrack to Miranda’s life;