Instagram: @jayrevanfit

Jay comes from a traditional boxing background and so ‘Hit and don’t get hit’ resonates with him. He’ll make sure every workout develops your agility, power and focus of mind, body and soul.


Did you know?

  • Jay is one of 8 kids…and has 40 nieces and nephews!

  • Jay’s Grandma dragged him into a dingy backstreet amateur boxing club at the age of 7 and left him there to fend for himself, a “traumatising first experience”.

  • He recently completed 28 x 3 Minute boxing rounds on the punch bag for charity during a 24 hour box around the clock. A great team effort for a great cause - well done Jay!

  • He now competes in MMA and has his eyes set on a UK title within the next 12 months or so.


"A positive attitude brings progress. Progress brings success.”




Soundtrack to Jay's life;