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POSITION: Head of Studio and People

REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer

SALARY: Competitive

FLYKICK is London's hottest new fitness studio. Its kickboxing inspired group fitness class is like nothing else in the market! FLYKICK is an immersive experience --- It’s Signature Class kicks off with a blast of High Intensity Interval Training and then each member faces off against their own bag in a high energy, music-flooded room. Picture a lively, music- driven indoor spinning class, but rather than riding a stationary bike, it’s you against the bag ….which is way more fun!



FLYKICK aims to be the best part of your day! We don't want you to leave our classes just feeling like you've had a great workout, but genuinely feeling happy, motivated and on top of the world!


Our studio and community is a non-judgemental space, where every individual's differences are celebrated. We're open and accessible to all, whatever your fitness level or ability. 


People can do amazing things when we work together and FLYKICK does exactly that. Whether it's making that Monday class, helping each other reach a life or fitness goal, or changing the way we treat our planet. 



This is a unique opportunity working with the founders of the business, turning our dream into a reality. We are seeking a torchbearer for the FLYKICK experience, somebody who embodies our brand and our ethos. You will be directly responsible for the management of people, community and studio operations.

We are looking for somebody with an ambitious & entrepreneurial mindset. You must be people centric but also have a keen eye for detail when it comes to operations.

A key area of focus will be on ensuring any member of the public who walks through a FLYKICK studio door enjoys the best experience possible. You will also be in charge of developing a team of mavens who are empowered, passionate and invested in the FLYKICK brand, making it come to life in the studio(s) on a daily basis.


  • Recruiting, training and supervising great staff for the Front of House (FoH) function.

  • Scheduling all FoH staff for front of house shifts, off-site promotions and other events as required.

  • Line management and personal development of the studio assistant managers.

  • Building a strong team culture, so each member of the team embodies our ethos.

  • Ensuring all brand principles are executed on in the studio and that FLYKICK is the best part of people’s day.

  • Dealing with enquiries, complaints and emergencies.

  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.

  • Management of third party vendors – cleaning service, towel service, etc.


  • Are passionate about fitness, wellness, and of course FLYKICK

  • Enjoy working in collaboration with a team to create new ways of connecting and building our community

  • Are a people driven, and LOVE creating an industry leading guest experience

  • Experience recruiting and growing a team

  • Experience training a team and developing individuals

  • A leader and are able to inspire a team - embodying FLYKICK’s three core principles

  • Strong project management skills and the ability to delegate 

  • Minimum 2+ years experience in guest centric industry role

  • Integrity and adaptability are key

  • Enjoy and thrive in a fast-paced work environment

  • Knows how to have fun – live life fully – be silly



 Send the below to

  • Your detailed CV

  • Any relevant references

  • 3 reasons why you are suited to this opportunity

  • Your best idea for building a strong customer community

  • 1 goal for 2019 – personal or professional

  • Your top 3 workout songs and why

Louisa Willoughby