Shredding for the Wedding - Transformation Challenge


20 classes. 5 weeks. 0 excuses.

Paddy took on the challenge!

After 10 weeks, Paddy had lost 5.5% body fat in a sustainable way that he can maintain even now that the challenge has finished.

We caught up with him at the end of the 10 weeks (and after the wedding hangover) to see how he was feeling…

What is your favourite thing about FLYKICK? Which 3 words would you use to describe how it makes you feel? 

Favourite thing about Flykick is the feeling I have before I go into the studio, you get a warm welcome with lots of smiles and friendly faces. This is coupled by the feeling of accomplishment I get after I walk out, and the smiles are still the same!


3 words: Energised, Fulfilled & improved.


What was the main purpose of the challenge for you? What did you want to achieve?

I wanted to trim down for my wedding, but most importantly I wanted to make a change to my routine and be more mindful about what I was eating and how I trained.


Could you talk us through your training regime? How many times per week were you training at FLYKICK and how do you work it around a full time job?

For the first 5 weeks I was doing 5 Flykick sessions per week and then for the second phase I was doing 3 Flykick sessions per week, plus 3 strength & conditioning sessions per week.

 I would plan my week in advance and primarily go to the gym in the mornings, or lunch time during work.

What are your top 3 tips for staying on top of your training? Why did the challenge work so well for you?

1.     Recovery: training 5-6 times a week is tough on your body, stretch when you can, even if it’s for 5 mins during the day, Go for a steam/sauna or swim if you have a chance.

2.     Set intermittent goals: highlight lots of smaller more achievable goals throughout the week. Technique, Timings, Breakfast goals etc.

3.     Don’t Torture yourself; stay disciplined, but we all break at some point, so don’t torture yourself for having an odd treat/ pint of Guinness!

What about your diet, did that have to change much during the challenge? Were there any foods that you really missed? 

I cut out most bad carbs, pasta, bread, potatoes and noodles, I did not miss them as I came up with creative ways to use other foods as a substitute. There are so many recipes out there that are easy, cheap and healthy.

What’s one thing that you’ve learnt throughout this process?

That even if I fall off the wagon I now have a set of tools to get back up again and get into shape. It’s impossible to sustain week in week out, but its more about knowing when and how to switch on and get in shape.


Would you recommend that other people take on their own challenge?

Yes 100%, challenge yourself, even ifs it’s just an information gathering process that you learn more about yourself and your body. That’s probably the most important thing about the challenge. It’s as much a mental challenge as a physical challenge and it’s all about your attitude and how you approach it.