5 Week Transformation Challenge


19 classes. 5 weeks. 0 excuses.

JAMES took on the challenge!

After 5 weeks combining classes in both the Strength & Signature studios, James had lost body fat, looked leaner and felt stronger!

We caught up with him at the end of the 5 weeks (and after the wedding & honeymoon filled with delicious food) to see how he was feeling…

What is your favourite thing about FLYKICK? Which 3 words would you use to describe how it makes you feel? 

My favourite part is the atmosphere in the studio.  The whole FLYKICK experience is positive, welcoming and fun!


What was the main purpose of the challenge for you? What did you want to achieve?

I had my own wedding to try and get in shape for so the short-term goal was to lose some body fat and tone up for the big day.  The intense short-term programme was part of my broader goal to stay fit, in shape and continue to work on my flexibility.  FLYKICK is a great format to help with all of that.

Could you talk us through your training regime? How many times per week were you training at FLYKICK and how do you work it around a full time job?

Each week would typically involve 4 sessions.  I would often try and mix this up to work around my full time job by having at least one morning, one lunch and one after work session.  I found the best way to work it was to look at the diary on a Monday morning then book my 4 sessions for that week around  work commitments.

What are your top 3 tips for staying on top of your training? Why did the challenge work so well for you?

  1. I would say that it’s important to have a goal to keep motivated whether that’s a wedding, a holiday, a competition, a race, a photo shoot or anything else.

  2. Once you have your goal you need a plan to help you reach that goal.  How many times a week will I train and how will I fit it in around my other commitments?  I found planning my sessions at the start of each week worked for me.

  3. Finally I would suggest it’s important to do something you enjoy.  Personally I enjoy punching and kicking bags so FLYKICK was the perfect choice!

What about your diet, did that have to change much during the challenge? Were there any foods that you really missed? 

I tried to keep my diet fairly simple by keeping my carbohydrate intake low, protein intake high, eliminating sugar and cutting out the booze.  Even then I found it was easy to overeat and miss that daily calorie deficit needed so the MyFitnessPal app was helpful to keep me honest! 

It wasn’t a perfect process and the odd Pain au Raisin may have sneaked in on the odd occasion!  When that did happen I tried not to be hard on myself and get back to eating clean rather than compounding the problem with a load more sugary snacks.

James leaned up and cut body fat during his 5 week transformation challenge.

James leaned up and cut body fat during his 5 week transformation challenge.

What’s one thing that you’ve learnt throughout this process?

You’re never as tired as you think you are!  There were plenty of occasions that I thought exercise was the last thing I could manage but once I’d hit the warm up I felt great and the endorphin rush after the session made it worth it every time. 


Would you recommend that other people take on their own challenge?

100%.  I think any form of challenge is the best form of motivation and the most rewarding.  It helps keep the mind focused and is often the best way to get results.  I’m looking forward to my next one.  No idea what that might look like just yet, but I may just throttle back and enjoy a guilt free Pain au Raisin or two whilst I figure it out!

Think you could be interested in taking on your own challenge? We’d love to help - get in touch using the form below!