EMPOWER: Self-Love & Female Wellbeing



In Partnership with Sweaty Betty & TOTM.

EMPOWERMENT; giving someone the power to do something. That’s what our event on Sunday with Sweaty Betty & TOTM Organics was all about - giving women the power to speak up about their reproductive health, their menstrual health & their physical and mental well being in a safe space alongside the experts.

We kicked things off with a FLYKICK Signature class, coached by Lindsey, FLYKICK trainer and Sweaty Betty Ambassador. What better way to feel like you’ve got the power to do ANYTHING than kicking and punching the bag?!


After working up and a sweat and getting those endorphins pumping in class, we caught our breath and enjoyed delicious vegan ice creams from MiiRO… Before settling into an open discussion hosted by Lindsey about female health and well being with some incredible and inspirational panelists:

Monica Karpinski (The Femedic) @thefemedic

Saschan Fearon-Josephs (The Womb Room) @thewombroom

Laura Murphy (Vicious Cycle) @viciouscyclepmdd

Jasmin Harsono (Emerald + Tiger) @emeraldandtiger

We discussed symptoms and signals of menstrual and reproductive disorders such as PMDD, PCOS and endometriosis as well as what to do if your doctor isn’t listening to you or you’re worried about opening up.

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We finished up by sharing tips on how to stay grounded and practice self-love during our exceptionally busy and stressful lives as women. The energy was incredible, and having the opportunity to open up in a safe space was invaluable.

We closed the event with a 30 minute sound meditation hosted by Jasmin to bring us back down and give us time to reflect and absorb.

As well as taking away some valuable information, self care tips, new friends, great connections and a stronger sense of empowerment we made sure that every woman was armed with a self-care kit including products from Verdant Alchemy, Rebel Kitchen, Bounce, Sweaty Betty, TOTM, The Nu Company , VEGA and FLYKICK.

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There is so much more to learn and share and we can’t wait to open up EMPOWER into a series of events over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled FLYKICKFAM!

P.S. Look out TOTM’s organic tampons in our ladies toilets - no more nasty toxins - #BeKinderToYourVagina

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Miranda Paine