May Member of the Month


MAY’s Member of the Month:


Kat has been Queen of the FLYKICK Trainer Bingo this month, and an all-round superstar in studio! A regular since October, Kat has now added some new trainers to her mix of favourites, alongside her FLYKICK buddy, Summer!


Get to know Kat in our quick fire questions!

How did you hear about FLYKICK?

From my daily routine of scrolling endlessly on Instagram, while gushing over all the doggy videos and drooling at all the food pages I follow. FLYKICK's ad disrupted my scroll and lured me in with promises of adrenaline, power and my own pair of gloves! (Who doesn't love a good freebie!)

Has it impacted your lifestyle/health in any way?

I'm naturally geared towards doing short, punchy workouts, from when I was a 100m sprinter in school, so my stamina is really shocking. Within the first month of joining FLYKICK, my stamina significantly improved, and I can finally run 10k in under an hour! 60+ classes later, I'm able to balance all the sports I love, alongside my FLYKICK classes (and work of course!). FLYKICK has done more than impact my lifestyle and health, its imprinted a strong fitness routine designed just for me..

What is your favorite part of the workout?

I love the HIIT sessions the most. I'm naturally very competitive, so I enjoy pushing and challenging myself. Sometimes if I'm lucky (or unlucky) there's a little healthy competition with the person in front of me or my FLYKICK buddy, Summer, to see who can do more reps (or make each other laugh)! I love the energy from the music and the trainers jamming and dancing along, it makes a huge difference when the environment is enjoyable, and you'll be surprised how far you can be pushed!

Did you learn anything about yourself throughout the time you've joined the #FlykickFam?

I learnt that families comes in all strengths and sizes, and this FLYKICK family love their bicycle crutches! I don't think I ever knew how much I disliked bicycle crutches, until now. One thing I know for sure is, no matter what, this family will always be there to greet me with their glorious smiles (and sing happy bday to me!). To motivate and push me to try harder each time (especially during AMRAP) - who knows, maybe one day I'll learn to love bicycle crutches!

What motivates you to want to work out?

Adrenaline. Whether it's the crowd cheering me on as I'm running competitively, or the motivational cheerleading from the FLYKICK trainers. I'm addicted to the thrill and the energy from adrenaline, and the amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end - it's worth every sore muscle in my body.

Share with us your favorite quote

"See the good in everything" - Whether big or small, being able to see the good in everything, creates more serenity, happiness, positivity and gratitude.