January Wellness Series Roundup


January Wellness Series Roundup

There are countless things one can do in the New Year to change their life for the better, but a popular one is always taking care of one's self, and at FLYKICK we believe happiness stems from within and from self care. That is why we hosted our January Wellness Series all month with expert speakers giving their insight and tips on topics many of us en route to more self care, would be interested in, such as mental well being, nutrition, sleep and skincare. 


Every Friday of the month we welcomed a guest to speak on the best ways to go about and take the proper steps toward a better mental and physical state in 2019. 

The first Friday, 4th of January, Amy Rushworth joined us for goal setting and being in the best mindset to move forward and accomplish goals successfully. 

The second Friday, Micah Siva, dietician and nutritionist joined us for an intimate discussion on eating habits and ways to maintain balance, while enjoying ourselves and learning about the best ways to go day to day with the proper nutrition. 

The 3rd Friday, Hope Bastine took over with a workshop on sleep and mindfulness. Meditation and slow-motion yoga came about for about 20 minutes, where Hope guided guests through movements of the body and staying aware of balance, pressure points and the body's messages when in movement. 


Finally, Megan and Ksenia, owners and founders of Lion/ne came along for one last talk revolving around our skin, its connection to our sleep, our emotions, our nutrition and how to properly care for it. 

If you were one of the wonderful people who joined us for any of our wellness series, we hope that our effort to help you pick up and move forward with your fitness and wellness journey was everything you expected and more. 

Louisa Willoughby