GQ Voted us one of London's best for getting a sweat on!


FLYKICK have bagged a spot in GQ’s LIST OF The best fitness classes in London for getting your sweat on, HERE’s WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY:


GQ tried: Flykick Signature at Flykick: 55 minutes of kicking and punching (in other words, seriously blowing off steam).

The lowdown: Think of all your favourite cardio classes. Done that? Well, this non-contact kickboxing specialty from Regent Place’s bespoke studio gym Flykick probably includes components of them all. Consisting of six elements – Prepare, Burn, Flex, Kickbox, Core and Release – the “Flykick Formula” boasts quick-fire, high-intensity exercises and body blasts, stretching, fast-paced punching and kicking on the bag, core work and finally rest and recovery. (See what we mean?) Wrapped up and ready to rumble, here, under neon lights and energetic instruction, adrenaline-pumped Flykickers sweat their way through kickboxing’s twists and turns while punching their way to powerful. Not too familiar with the former? GQ wasn’t either. But fear not: all abilities are catered for. Plus, this is just you versus the bag. That said, if our hip flexors the following day are anything to go by, you’re likely to be one feeling the knocks...

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Miranda Paine