February's Member of the Month


February’s Member of the Month:


This month is for someone who is absolutely in it with our brand. He shows up, he embodies our ethos and he loves the workout. That is why we selected Richard Mann as our February Member of the Month!


Get to know one of the members of out Flykick Fam in our quick fire questions!

How did you hear about FLYKICK?

I had a business meeting in the Black Sheep Coffee house opposite (total Americano addict btw!) and something about that FLYKICK frontage and sleek white interior just pulled me right in! 4 months and 28 classes later, I now have a FLYKICK addiction to rival the caffeine dependency! 

Has it impacted your lifestyle/health in any way?

Massively. It’s the mental health benefits that I’ve noticed most. I wake up so excited to workout there. I just love the 6.30am classes and find that ‘FLYKICK-buzz’ stays with me all day. There’s something about working out in that jet-black studio with the tunes blasting out that is simultaneously euphoric and tranquil (either that or they are spiking that ‘Himalayan’ water with something extra special...!!)

What is your favourite part of the workout?

I love all 3 elements. HIIT to that amazing sound system is just so exhilarating! When you reach 34 (sad-face!) you realise how important stretching is! It’s refreshing to find a London workout that places the right emphasis on it. I also love the technical side to the bag work- I really want to master the art and I try to take different bits from each instructor.

What motivates you to want to work out?

A bet I made with myself for 2019! I want to prove anyone can carve out an hour each day to either train or do a focussed rest/recovery activity. So far I’m on day 56 and still going. I instagram story these each day for accountability!

Share with us your favourite quote! 

I’m currently really enjoying reading ‘Shoedog’ By Phil Knight, the creator of Nike. I like this quote in it from one of their early ad campaigns:

‘Beating the competition is relatively easy. But beating yourself is a never-ending commitment’ 


Miranda Paine