September Member of the Month


September’s Member of the Month:


Claire came to us through ClassPass and has been smashing through classes like no tomorrow! We love having her energy in the studio and we’re lucky to have her in the FLYKICKFAM!


Quick Fire Q&A!

How did you hear about FLYKICK?

A gal friend told me about it when we were out for drinks one night formulating a plan of how we were going to stay motivated to exercise over winter. She brought me as her guest to one of Elyse's evening classes - as soon as I stepped foot through the door after a long day at the office I was greeted by the smiling cherubs at reception and I knew there was no turning back!

Has it impacted your health/lifestyle in any way?

FLYKICK has made me realise the importance of finding a way of exercising that you actually enjoy doing. Keeping physically fit is super important but running on a treadmill can be soul destroying and gives exercise a bad rap.

What is your favourite part of the workout?

My favourite part is probably the HIIT. Firstly because I’m clearly a bit sadistic and like to feel like I’m going to vomit mid-workout, and secondly because I like to test my body with different exercises and the trainers always mix things up to make sure all your muscles get some love.

Did you learn anything about yourself throughout the time you’ve joined the #flykickfam?

I learnt that I am still the sweatiest person post exercise. Bar none. Also, don't mess with Elia in a 6.30am class - you will be punished.

What motivates you to want to workout?

I love the feeling of challenging yourself. Either mentally - on the days where you have to drag yourself to the studio, or physically on the days where you’re feeling like Rocky Balboa and can push yourself to get that inch lower on your press ups (ideally without face-planting the ground). It's a great to start the day with a sense of accomplishment.

Share with us your favourite quote.

'Better be the one that smiled, than the one who didn't smile back'.

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Miranda Paine