It’s true what they say - abs are made in the kitchen. While your genetics determine your body type and play a huge role in your body composition (everyone has that friend who eats junk 24/7 but still looks ripped, right?), eating well and following a healthy diet have a huge impact on your body fat percentage, too. And if you’re chasing that six-pack, it’s all about shredding that body fat to reveal those glorious abs underneath.


However, it can’t be denied that these things go hand in hand with a good exercise regime. And, when it comes to abs, by a good exercise regime we don’t simply mean hundreds of crunches and sit-ups - you can do all the abs moves you like, but it’s going to take a little more to help reveal those shiny abs.

Training at a high intensity is a great way to boost your metabolism. Because of how hard you have to push yourself (yes, it only counts as HIIT if you truly go hell for leather during those periods of work), your body actually continues to work hard long after your session is over. Why? Because it needs to repair those hard-working muscles and replace the glycogen you’ve used. This is called the after-burn effect.

The great thing about a high-intensity session that involves punching and kicking techniques is that it doesn’t bring with it the repetitive and monotonous nature of running, cycling and many other forms of cardio that are often utilised in a HIIT workout. Focusing on combinations and technique can also take your mind off just how hard you’re really working - so while you are training intensely, the rounds are up before you even get a chance to realise. Kickboxing-inspired workouts are, as a result, a great alternative to other cardio-focused workouts - and are a serious fat burner to boot.

While we can’t do anything about what you do in the kitchen or what kind of genetics you’re dealing with, we can guarantee a damn good HIIT workout that will get you sweating buckets, rev up your fat burn and at least help you on your journey to revealing those abs you’ve been working so hard on.

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Louisa Willoughby