Coach Elia takes her opponent by storm!

That's exactly what happened when Flykick teamed up with Midnight Runners, challenging the MR crew even more than they were used to. Guests were first put through their paces with a 5K run in the beautiful Regent's Park before finishing with a Flykick Signature Class. Big thanks and well done to the Midnight Runners for giving their all! You can usually find Coach Elia with a smile on her face, but this week you might notice her looking even more smiley than usual. That’s because on Saturday, she fought for an amateur K1 title – and won!


The Flykick crew headed down to Brighton to cheer Elia on in the rematch
against Daniela Miranda, an aggressive forward fighter. Since their last meeting
ended in a draw, this rematch was highly anticipated. The stakes were high, but
Elia proved to be the better fighter this time, pushing the pace from start to
finish to beat her opponent at her own game. The high-volume punches,
aggression and perfectly executed game plan decisively won her the fight. That
jab-cross combo really works!

Aside from getting to devour any and everything she wants, Elia now has a new
shiny belt to keep her happy. Congrats, champ!

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Louisa Willoughby