Nothing like a great sweat and challenge to unite titans of the fitness industry!

That's exactly what happened when Flykick teamed up with Midnight Runners, challenging the MR crew even more than they were used to. Guests were first put through their paces with a 5K run in the beautiful Regent's Park before finishing with a Flykick Signature Class. Big thanks and well done to the Midnight Runners for giving their all! 

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Challenges like these are incredibly beneficial to runners - kickboxing helps mobilise the hips, push the body to train in new energy systems and move in a variety of planes. In fact, changing up your workout, by including a mixture of classes like Flykick into your week, will not only make you feel fly but will also help you soar through your next 5K run. 

Why not try a similar challenge - hit up Regent's Park for a run and book into a Flykick class to take your training to the next level. See you there!

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Louisa Willoughby