Greg can run fast as well as kick hard...

Flykick Master Trainer Greg Wootton has two Muay Thai world titles to his name… but it’s not just fighting he’s good at.


On 20th May, he took to the streets of east London to run the Hackney Half in order to raise funds for the Hackney Winter Night Shelter. In true Greg fashion, running 13.1 miles wasn’t enough of an achievement… he had to do it fast. Although his impressive finish time of 1 hour, 20 minutes and 23 seconds is definitely something to brag about, let’s not lose sight of the reason why he put in the miles in the first place.

The Hackney Winter Night Shelter works hard throughout the year to ensure that during the harsh winter months, homeless guests have access to a hot meal and warm bed. To find out more or to donate, head to – it really is a great cause, so well done Greg for smashing the race and raising the funds.

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Louisa Willoughby