Five weeks ago, our co-founder, Elyse, started her 10-week journey in a bid to transform her body and mind. By committing to three to four Flykick classes per week along with two strength sessions, she would be ensuring that her whole body was targeted from head to toe, as well as her heart and lungs - and let's not forget her mindset.


We recorded some stats from week 1, and now that Elyse is halfway through the journey, what better time to check in and see how she's progressed?

Elyse Moland – Week 5 Stats

Current weight: 71kg

Motivation on a scale of 1-10: 8

Mood on a scale of 1-10 (1 = bad, 10 = good): 7

Energy level on a scale of 1-10: 6

Sleep quality on a scale of 1-10: 6

Press-up count to failure: 22 (modified on knees)

Chest-to-floor burpee count in one minute: 16

Alternating kicks on the bag for power count in one minute: 54

‘The past 3 weeks were really hard and deflating. I have been working 12-14 hour days every day, and really struggling to find balance to fit in any time for myself - which really makes me feel frustrated and out of control. Unfortunately I don't see a lot changing on that front but am trying my best to keep my chin up and work through it all. I was sick with a sinus infection, and then got a tattoo which also put me back. But lucky for me I have five more weeks to really crush this challenge and I am excited to do so.

My main goal in all of this was to find balance in my life between work and self-care - which is why I feel like I have not been successful yet, but hopefully I can move closer to that goal over the next few weeks. Secondary goals are weight loss and reconnecting to my body - I look forward to feeling comfortable in my own skin and when I look in the mirror, that feeling of recognition and not "who is that?"’.

See you in the studio!

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Louisa Willoughby