November's Member of the Month


November’s Member of the Month:

Ashleigh Simpson

Our Member of the Month is consistent, determined, and she always shows up - well, at least twice per week minimum! Ashleigh Simpson, recently completed her 50th Flykick class, and that's the type of discipline that deserves recognition.

Get to know one of the members of out Flykick Fam!


How did you hear about FLYKICK?

One of my colleagues at Atkins told me about it and as soon as I took the first class I was hooked. 

Has it impacted your lifestyle/health in any way?

I've had a difficult few months and Flykick has really helped me deal with a lot of stress and has massively improved my well-being both from a physical and mental perspective. I feel so much happier and healthier since starting Flykick back in May!

What is your favourite part of the workout?

Definitely the bag rounds, they are exhausting but I love learning new things every class and being pushed to my limit (by Ben, Elyse and Cass who seem to always come over when i can hardly breathe!)

Did you learn anything about yourself throughout the time you've joined the #FlykickFam?

Probably than I'm a lot stronger mentally than I thought! I remember giving up half way through 45 seconds of burpees in my first class and now I always want to improve and beat whatever I got the time before! I've also learned that I'm addicted to Flykick!!

What motivates you to want to work out?

I used to only workout out so I could go home and eat pizza and cake with a clear conscience. But now I workout because I feel so much happier when I train and eat well. It also helps having a badass workout squad in Harry, Mia and Dave (who has an insane amount of will power and determination!).

Share with us your favorite quote!

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you" - Fred DeVito


Miranda Paine