It can probably be agreed that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as landing a solid kick on the bag. The sound it makes, the sting on your shin and that huge stress relief… it’s priceless! It’s also one of the aspects of Flykick’s class that sets us apart from other boxing-inspired classes in London. Want to polish yours up? Check out our top tips.


Tip #1 – Pivot on your standing foot

Come up onto the ball of your standing foot and lift the heel from the ground. As you turn your kick into the bag, pivot on the ball of your foot, bringing the heel in the direction of the bag. Always allow you foot to pivot back to the starting position once the kick has landed.

Tip #2 – Land your shin on the bag

The kick is one of the most powerful strikes you’ll throw in a Flykick class, so make sure you land your shin on the bag rather than your foot. It’s a lot more durable, so once you start perfecting the technique and generating more power, you’ll save your delicate foot from any damage!

Tip #3 – Turn your hip over

It’s all in the hips. Try to relax your leg, and use the hips instead to generate power. Turn the hip all the way over, so that when you land your shin on the bag, the hip on the side of the leg that you’re kicking with has rotated all the way over the other. Your hips should both be facing the same direction as your shin when you land the kick.

Tip #4 – Don’t aim too high

Many of us who spend the majority of our day sitting down will undoubtedly have tight hips. Hip mobility is one of the biggest obstacles when throwing a kick, so you may have trouble turning your hips over – especially if you’re trying to kick too high on the bag. If you think your hips are tight, try starting off with low kicks. After a while, your hips will start to open up and you’ll eventually be able to turn your hips over with higher kicks, too.

Tip #5 – Keep your eyes on the target

Since our bodies turn sideways when throwing a kick, it can be tempting to turn our heads too. It’s important to keep our eyes on the target though – this will help us land the kick with accuracy.

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Louisa Willoughby