World Mental Health Day at Flykick

Wednesday 10 th October was World Mental Health Day. The day is one that is globally recognised as a way of raising awareness and highlighting the important of mental health.

mental health flykick kickboxing london

While we know that working out is an incredibly effective way to lift the mood, there are many more ways to help us deal with mental health issues and the many ways it can manifest itself – whether that’s as stress, anxiety or depression. That’s why on WMHD we ran two talks here at Flykick to offer further help to you, our guests.

Directly after the 12:30pm Flykick class, instructor Kate gave a talk about stress and exercise, exploring the relationship between mind and body.

Then after the 6pm Flykick class, life coach Amy Rushworth came into the studio to teach us all about the tools and techniques to help combat stress.

If you find yourself feeling stressed regularly, simply discovering the ways in which it can be managed by adapting your lifestyle can have a huge impact. Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference and we hope we can help you realise this and in turn, improve your mental health.

Thank you to all who joined us on WMHD for all things well-being, self care and mental health.. If you have any questions regarding our regular talks, simply ask an instructor or the front of house staff.

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Louisa Willoughby