Bring your Bae to Flykick

Looking for a new idea for your next date night with bae? Couples that sweat together stay together, right?

This Friday 26th October we’ll be hosting our Bring A Bae Day. This means that if you book into the 6pm class, you’ll be able to bring a date with you for free! Class will finish by 7pm, so if all goes well, you’ll have plenty of time to carry on the date nearby.


If burpees, punches and kicks aren’t the perfect way to kick off a Friday night date, we don’t know what are. Try sharing a bag together to really turn up the heat…

And for all you single people out there, we got you too… the offer still applies if you’d like to bring a friend – or potential bae! Whether love is in the air or not, everyone knows that working out with a friend is a surefire way to get results quicker. Not only does it make it more fun, but the added competitive element can push you to work out harder than if you went it alone, too.

In fact, research from the University of Aberdeen found that having a workout buddy actually dramatically increases the amount of exercise you do – so perhaps you and yours could make Friday night at Flykick a regular thing?

If you’re interested in bringing your bae (or buddy!) to next Friday’s 6pm class for free, simply book yourself in then email with the details of your plus one. See you then!

Book your classes in for the week ahead here!


Louisa Willoughby