“We don't just offer a class, flykick welcomes you to a community. this community is open to all,
and it's growing everyday.

we challenge you to bring the next
generation of flykickers to join this family."

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Our core principles are happiness, openness and togetherness, and this applies not only to everything we do, but to our community too. Our doors are open to bring you and your friends - old and new - together. We challenge you to bring the next generation of Flykickers to the studio, to try a class, to motivate you even more and to add another face to our Flykick collective.

Why? It's been proven that working out with a friend will increase your success. Which is perfect, since here at Flykick we work out in a studio full of teammates in every class. So if one of those is a friend from outside class...

You won't skip class.

We've all done it, invited a friend to join us at a class but on the day, all we've wanted to do is grab that extra 30 minutes of sleep instead. Knowing they're relying on you is enough to get you straight, though. We're not just saying it, the University of Aberdeen carried out research to test this theory and found those with a friend in tow worked out more than those that stuck to their individual routine. 

Our top tip: Schedule in a class with a good friend that you don't see regularly - combine working out with catching up! 

You work harder.

Not only are you accountable to someone other than yourself, but your competitive streak kicks in, too! When you work out with someone on a similar or slightly higher fitness level to you, you push yourself to compete. Therefore, you improve and progress quicker than on your own. The combination of support, advice, encouragement and competition will work wonders! Try it.

The most important bit - You will enjoy yourself.

Whatever your fitness goals or personal targets, getting a friend involved or getting to know someone new while you share the Flykick experience will be fun. The first principle is happiness, and that's for a reason. So grab a friend, book in to a class and take up the challenge!

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Charlie Green