The Flykick formula uses a combination of punches and kicks on the bag. Never kickboxed before? We're here to help.


Always thrown with your lead hand, this is a fast punch that comes straight down the middle while your other hand is held at your face in the guard position. As soon as you make contact with your bag, pull your hand back into the guard position.


A cross is a strong, straight punch which is thrown with the rear hand while the other hand stays in the guard position. The body rotates with the punch to generate more power and the palm of the hand rotates towards the floor, ensuring all four knuckles of the fist land flush on the bag. Once you've landed your punch, bring it back to the guard position.


Drawing the elbow to the height of your fist, create a circular motion with both the hip and shoulder as you throw the hook to the side of the bag keeping wrist straight, pivoting on the foot of the same side that you're punching with. The other hand stays by the face. Bring the hand straight back to guard position once the punch has landed.


The uppercut is thrown upwards with either hand from guard position. To generate power for the uppercut, your weight is first shifted onto the side of the body with which your punching hand is by loading into the lower body before pushing off the foot and rotating in the direction of the punch.

Front kick.

The front kick comes straight down the middle. Keeping a solid base with one leg, the other comes up and forward in one motion as you land the ball of the foot on the bag.

Roundhouse kick.

The roundhouse kick comes up and in to the side of the bag at various heights, where most of the contact will be made with the lower part of your shin. The arm on the same side of the leg you are kicking with will be pulled down past your side to allow you to generate torque to turn your hip over and rotate your torso - this is what allows you to kick with power and turn your kick in to the bag. Pivot on the foot that remains grounded as you rotate, while the opposite hand stays by your face.

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Louisa Willoughby