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Alanna encourages everyone in her class to step out of their comfort zone, leave their worries at the door and have fun while doing it. Energetic, bubbly and fun, Alanna is a Muay Thai specialist who will help you do your best whatever level you're starting at.


Did you know?

  • She left a master in History and Politics to follow her dreams of inspiring others to improve their self-belief and self-love through Thai boxing. A year later she was a fully-qualified PT and 2 years on she is doing just that.
  • She worked in one of London's best steak houses for 6 years but has never eaten steak or red meat. Ever. 
  • She taught herself speed reading and can read a 400-page book in a day!
  • After a workout she heads for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • When she's not at Flykick, she can be found training Muay Thai in South London.


"We can complain because roses have thorns or we can rejoice because thorns have roses." - Abraham Lincoln


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